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Training Details

Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Class

Since 2013, in order for MD residents to purchase a handgun, a AR pistol, or a short barrel shotgun (shockwave or Tac14) you must have in your possession a Handgun Qualification License (HQL). See the steps below to obtain a Handgun Qualification License:

  • 4 hours Training by a MD State Certified Instructor (Instructor provides instructor numbers that are needed for HQL application)
  • Livescan Fingerprints (Must enter Tracking Numbers from the receipt on the HQL Application)
  • Create account on the MSP Licensing Portal
  • Complete the HQL Application online
  • Pay MD State Police $50 Application Fee online
  • Submit HQL Application to MD State Police
  • MD State Police sends you the HQL via mail to your residence.

Our fee includes the training portion for this requirement only. If livescan fingerprints are obtained prior to attending class the instructor will walk you through the entire application process through submission of the application. The HQL application can be started before the class, however will not be complete until everything above has been completed.

See the link below for more information:

Maryland Wear & Carry Class

Maryland Wear & Carry Permit allows the approved individual to conceal carry in the state of Maryland only. The applicant must have a good & substantial reason in order to be approved. As of October 1, 2019, all Wear and Carry permit applications (original, renewal and subsequent) and requests (modification and replacement) must be submitted online in the Licensing Portal. All documentation requirements and any clarifications you feel may assist investigators in processing your applications must be uploaded and electronically attached to the application in the Licensing Portal. You may access the Licensing Portal by clicking the link below:

Licensing Portal

Maryland State Police asks for 90 days for completion of the application process.

Additional Fees:

  • $75 Application Fee  
  • Electronic fingerprint (Livescan)
  • (2) Passport Photos

Utah Conceal Carry

Residents of any state can obtain a non-resident Utah Conceal Carry permit and conceal carry in various states across the country. See the link below to see what states recognize the Utah conceal carry permit.

Additional Fees:

  • $63.25 Application Fee  
  • (1) Ink Fingerprint Card
  • (1) Passport Photos

DC Conceal Carry Class

DC Conceal Carry holders are able to conceal carry in DC only. DC Police no longer require a “good and substantial” reason to be approved for a DC Conceal Carry Permit. DC Police issue permits to DC residents & Non-DC residents. DC Police ask 90 days for processing.

Additional Fees:

  • $75 Application Fee  
  • $35 Fingerprint Fee paid to DC Police