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MD Handgun Sales

Maryland Residents

Maryland residents who wish to purchase a Handgun or Lower Receiver must comply with Maryland State and Federal Firearm laws. You must be 21 years of age and possess a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) or be exempt (see MSP website to see exceptions) in order to purchase a handgun in Maryland. (Lower receivers do not require an HQL) Applications must be processed online through the Maryland State Police (MSP) Handgun Registration Portal, by completing the electronic 77R.

To start 77R Application, log onto your MSP account and click on Start 77R Application, if you do not have an account then click on “Create an Account” Once you have completed the application you will receive an email with an application number and PIN number. You will need the application number, pin number, Maryland driver’s license and Handgun Qualification License (HQL) in hand, (HQL not needed for Lower receiver) in order to complete the application process. Bring all the above when meeting with the Wilson Brothers Armory Team. Once you have purchased your firearm from Wilson Brothers Armory, we will finalize the 77R in the MSP system. You will receive an email confirming the completion of your application by the Maryland State Police. All handguns and lower receivers require a 7 day wait,  you will be notified by Maryland State Police via email when you are able to pick up your firearm from Wilson Brothers Armory. All firearms sold by Wilson Brothers Armory to MD residents must be on the Maryland Handgun Roster Please ensure before you purchase any firearm from our website that the firearm is MD compliant. If a MD resident purchases a non-compliant firearm the refund may be subject to processing fees. 

Out of State Customers (not in Maryland)

Please ensure that the firearm you are ordering is acceptable in your state. Once your order is complete you will receive an email from our team to identify your local FFL. If the firearm purchased is not accepted by your state your purchase may be subject to processing and/or restocking fees.